Wine label design


UK Specific wine label design project

LGI have a lot of business in the on-trade and wholesale sectors in the UK and were looking to develop a range of wines which will appeal to the off-trade (ie. supermarkets and convenience stores). Packaging is obviously key to making this range a success.

Range would include a Sauvignon Blanc (from Gascony, SW France – IGP Cotes de Gascogne), a Malbec (from the Languedoc, South of France – IGP Pays d’Oc) and a Merlot (from the Languedoc, South of France – IGP Pays d’Oc).

Sauvignon Blanc wine label design

Target retail

Price would be £6 - £8

Packaging will look smart, classy, premium and convey value for money. Consumers should feel proud to serve these wines. Concept 1 – classically French, classy, chic. Concept 2 – more modern, fun/playful, moderately quirky.

Malbec wine label design